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World Premiere JULY 14 2023
Choreographed by- Jae Man Joo
Performed by Gwangju City Ballet
Assistant to Choreographer- Jillian Davis
Costume by -Christine Darch
Lighting by -ChulHee Kim
Set Design by -JongYoung Lee
Stage Manager- Jungbin Park


Divine is the title of my new work for the

Gwangju City Ballet.


Divine is the biggest project I've ever made and the most meaningful to date.


I was very moved and honored when I was contacted by the ballet troupe to create a ballet piece with the theme of the

Gwangju Democratization Movement.


I was born and raised in Gwangju. A very special city to me.

I was only eight years old when this incident occurred.


The Gwangju Democratization Movement remains an indispensable and unforgettable history in the history of the Republic of Korea.


My new work, DIVINE, I would like to honor all the patriotic heroes who gave their lives for human rights and democracy 

and A monument of mourning for the victims and an exhortation to fight for peace and human rights around the world.



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